We’ve developed a robust network of social influencers and blogger superstars who are eager to share your brand and products with their fans!  


  • Based on your chosen Influencer program, we will reach out to a select group from our growing list of 2,500+ tried-and-true social influencers, bloggers and podcasters every month.
  • Influencers will be a mix of nano, micro and macro influencers – this will ensure that your brand receives quality content and great reach.
  • We will provide assistance with selecting featured products and designing enticing offers for this VIP list of influencers.
  • We will assist your brand with selecting each month’s featured products and will design specific offers for VIP influencers to promote.
  • You can showcase 1-2 products which exemplify your brand’s story each month.
  • Offer emails are customized with all of the product and company info in one handy place (talking points, graphics, social media links and hashtags, preferences on timing, etc.)
  • You will be able to approve offers (and what we are asking them to do) before emails are sent out to VIP influencers.
  • New influencers are sourced and added weekly by our team.



Bath & Body


Books & Gaming




Delivery Services



Growing Supplies

Hemp Products


Pet Care






& More!


  • We make sure that your posts are legally compliant with government regulations set forth by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
  • We also follow guidelines set forth by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 
  • Brands, their agencies and influencers are held responsible for ensuring legal advertising practices are adhered to, or all parties risk fines.
  • Our contracts include specific requirements that influencers must abide by, with regards to inclusion of #ad, #sponsored and similar language, making sure your brand stays legally safe.


Our Influencer Reach

WIth 20+ years of relationships, we have phenomenal access to top influencers. We work directly with as well as through management and agents depending on the individual influencer.

Who To Choose

We will target and provide appropriate product to each influencer. We can additionally target by age as well as by interests.

Number of Influencers

Each program provides a minimum number of influencer post guarantees, based on your budgets.

How Much SHOULD The Item Be

Understandably, influencers typically get more excited about higher priced items. The value of the item you want featured will impact the price tag of the influencer. We will work with you to create a product offering that gets noticed.

Minimum Value

There is not a minimum value for a product to be featured with influencers. Typically product values range from $25 to $5,000.


Types of Influencers

We work with all influencer types including: nano (under 10k followers), micro (10k to 50k followers), macro (50k – 500k followers), hyper (500k – 1M followers) and celebrity (1M+ followers). 


Brochures & Branded Materials

Additional branded material and items can be sent to an influencer beyond what they will feature in posts.

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping costs are billed based on program needs.  Customized packaging may impact shipping fees.

Specific Product Needs

For product that needs to be customized, brand partners are able to customize products that we will fulfill based on program need. 



Choose # Of Influencers

The number of influencers you work with will be dependent upon the program you choose to participate in, and your budget.

Monthly Tracking

Hollywood Branded’s team will notify you in a monthly digest detailing reviews & updates.

Turnkey Reporting

We provide full reporting with metrics including overall follower reach and engagement through comments, views and sharing.

How The Program Works

  • Influencers opt-in to working with you through our influencer database. Additional outreach is then performed by our team to ensure each influencer perfectly aligns to the core target consumer demo you are seeking.
  • Our team additionally researches and activates outreach to on-target influencers to directly negotiate sampling and posting opportunities.
  • We ensure influencers correctly tag and reference your brand, and include messaging points, image or video.
  • You save tremendous time by shipping products to our team all at once, rather than piecemeal over the course of several months.
  • We individually package items in packaging that we know will stand out to the influencer upon receipt; products are then shipped to selected influencer partners. Additional packaging pricing requirements, if any, will be determined based upon final packaging, the size and weight of product sent.  Shipping is billed quarterly.
  • Our team takes care to ensure that reviews are spaced out as much as possible over the agreed-upon period of time that we work with you, providing a continuous posting schedule across each influencer campaign.

Choose Your Hollyweed Branded Influencer Program



12 Month Program Pricing


Additional Information

Programs listed are for 12 months. A 6 month program option is available at an additional fee of $1k to each program's monthly rate.  A $2.5k set up fee will apply to 6 month programs. We do not provide a higher influencer guarantee as it may make more sense to work with fewer influencers who have a higher fan reach depending on the customized program strategy we will create. Your program can be created utilizing nano, micro, macro or celebrity influencers.  We offer customized influencer program builds with a strategy fee starting at $12,500. Activation fee charged for contracting and activating larger partnerships. Pre-defined budget range to be established for all sponsorship fee-based initiatives. Pricing in charts may not be the accurate price for your program. Final pricing will be provided after further discussion, based on overall goals.


Sign Up Now

Choose the program you want to activate. Have questions? No problem! Simply fill out the form and check “Need Help Deciding” and someone on our team will be in touch.

Choose Program Length

We offer  6 month, 12 month and fully customized  programs for brands.

Choose Influencer Max

You can put a cap on the number of influencers you participate with each month.

Approval Process

Our team will review your submission and product sample, and provide feedback regarding acceptance into our VIP Influencer program.  If approved, you will receive next step directions.


How Influencers Are Chosen

Each month we hand select which influencers we will work with, who are aligned to your brand’s goals, including reach and engagement metrics.


Social Media Call To Action

We will print custom cards that include all relevant hashtags and key messaging points to be included in each post. These cards are also a great way to encourage influencers to stay in touch with your brand in the future.

Program Start

Program starts immediately upon product being shipped to our office. First influencer posts will be expected within 3 – 4 weeks to allow time for printing of materials and developing packaging.

Celebrities & Influencer Partnerships

We offer custom programs targeting celebrities & influencers with larger fan bases.  Pricing is determined by follower reach, individual person, fame level, and type of branded content to be created. 

Event Sponsor

Hollyweed Branded will make your brand red-carpet ready with partnerships with celebrity driven opportunities ranging from award shows, film festivals, premiere parties and private A-Lister insider events.

Brands Celebs Love Gift Bag Program

Hollyweed Branded’s Celebrity & Influencer Gift Bag Program hand delivers your brand to celebrities. Your social media handles and hashtags are included to encourage celebs to share their love of your product.

Product Placement

Ready to get your products and signage into movies, TV shows, podcasts or music videos?  Then check out our turnkey Product Placement options!

Branded Content Creation

Our branded content team of editors, videographers and photographers are at the ready to create your brand-owned content for your social and digital platforms.

VIP Influencer Partnership Program

Our turnkey Influencer Marketing Program is fully customizable to target the influencers who matter the most to your brand - from nano to micro to macro to celebrity.

DIY Influencer Partnerships

Not quite ready to sign on to one of our Influencer Programs? We offer a class series for you and your team to learn the best practices in Celebrity and Influencer Marketing partnerships. 


Social Media

Our team offers several tiers of social media support, ranging from full service comprehensive social management, limited key platform management, follower engagement and content posting. Or we can help socially amplify one of your Hollyweed Branded partnerships.

Learn More


Our team provides Inbound Marketing consultation and program oversight, creating marketing funnels that drive to your website.  Services include software set-up, content creation, blog writing, e-news letters, landing page development.  Certified Hubspot Partner.

Learn More

PR + Media

Our team offers your brand full service year-round digital and print public relations services inclusive of advetorial and earned media PR content partnerships, and trade show media attendee assistance.  Or, we can simply come on board to help amplify one of your Hollyweed Branded partnerships.


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